The members of Mopak met in college in 2005. They started playing together in 2006 but under a different name. In 2011, they made some changes musically and decided that their new sound should be accompanied by a new name.

Mopak released their first EP under that name in August of 2015. They began recording this EP at Blackwatch back in 2011, but because the band's kid count went from 1 to 7, this EP (entitled "Labor") took almost 4 years to complete. 

Mopak is currently working on and writing their 2nd EP. They are experimenting with an even newer sound as all of the songs are written/sung by Claire, the female vocal.  They plan to head into the studio to record in June.


Phillip Suarez - Drums // Twitter & Instagram

Colt Westbrook - Guitar & Vocals // Twitter & Instagram

Claire Westbrook - Piano & Vocals // Twitter, Instagram, & Blog

Evan Chambers - Bass // Twitter & Instagram